How to Write a Wedding Day Love Letter


Your wedding day has arrived and you’re bursting with emotions. You’ve spent the last 24 hours separated from your betrothed, and you just can’t wait to finally say “ I do”. But before you walk down the aisle consider penning your emotions and letting the love of your life know how excited you are to finally be united as one. The wedding day love letter is a great way to communicate with your future husband or wife before you meet at the alter. Not only does this allow for a special moment between the two of you before the wedding ceremony, it’s also a great opportunity for your photographer to capture a special moment that you can look back and remember forever.

Step 1: Designate a time and place to write your romantic love letter:

Your wedding day can be pretty hectic, with lots of friends and family around, it’s important to find time to have a quiet moment before you walk down the aisle, especially when writing a love letter. Slip away from your entourage and find a quiet place where you can clear your mind and think only about your relationship and the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with. Be sure to set the mood by turning on your favorite love song, go ahead and take a sip of your mimosa or hot tea and light a candle to make sure the ambiance is just right. Once you feel completely relaxed and at ease you can begin the writing process. 

Step 2: Start with a loving greeting:

Be sure to start your letter with a sentimental salutation like: “ To my one and only love” or “To the love of my life”  or even something fun like, “Dear Almost Husband or Wife.” Starting with a term of endearment will automatically bring a smile to your partners face. Remember, no one else will read this love letter so you can use personal pet names or anything that will help your partner to recall the beautiful moments that you have shared together.

Step 3: Write in the Moment: 

The Wedding Day Love Letter is the perfect time to express exactly how you are feeling in that moment. Your wedding day is a significant day in your life and although you can’t physically be with your love before you say “I do,”  this is the time to share those feelings of excitement with them. Let him or her know you are looking forward to seeing how amazing they will look at the alter. Also share with your partner that you woke up feeling at ease and ready to become theirs forever. Most of all let him or her know that this day is about the two of you and the love that your share.

Step 4: Go Down Memory Lane: 

After you have shared all of your present feelings in the beginning of your letter, take a quick trip down memory lane. This is a great time to talk about some of the major moments in your relationship that brought you to this point. Talk about the first date, the first time you said I love you and even the day you knew this love would last forever. Reminiscing on some of the happy moments you have shared with your soul mate will put you both in a romantic mood and ready to say I do!  

Step 5: Presentation: 

Last but not least, presentation is key! Remember this letter will be a keepsake that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Be sure to package it accordingly! Make sure that you have selected beautiful stationery or a blank note card. Have a second sheet handy just in case you have made any major errors. And for a personal touch seal your letter with a kiss and add your favorite perfume or cologne to the letter so that your love captures your scent as soon as he or she opens it.

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